Structural Engineering Services Pieter offers

Pieter now offers his Consulting Structural Engineering services in Hermanus, from where he serves the Overberg region and beyond.

Typically his services include the following:
Once the Client has requested assistance, the project requirements and expectations are established. This varies from project to project.

Pieter's involvement is then negotiated with the Client or their legal representative.

Following the official appointment, the project is usually at a stage where building plans and other related documents need to be submitted to the local Authorities. Typically Pieter's signed SANS10400-A Form 2, is included, indicating his commitment to see the project through to successful completion in terms of the structural requirements.

By now Pieter will need to get himself acquainted with soil conditions on the building site. He usually sources the services of a Professional Engineering Geologist who will provide a Geotechnical Report on the suitability of the underlying soils and rocks to support the proposed building structure. They will also recommend the most suitable type of foundations.

Other possible site specific constraints are then taken note of. These together with the soil conditions, dictate the way forward in terms of foundation designs and other priorities.

First priority is usually to prepare concept Structural drawings, which will be included in the set of documents required for tender purposes, usually compiled by the Architect or Principal Agent.

In the mean time the final structural drawings and specifications are prepared. These are issued to the appointed Contractor at the start of the construction phase.

Once the building process is under way, Pieter is involved on a continuous basis, assisting the Contractor and other Professional Consultants involved, to ensure the correct interpretation of the documentation.

On completion of the project a SANS10400-A Form 4 Completion Certificate is issued to the local authorities, which is then usually where Pieter's immediate involvement ends. He is however, always available afterwards for any assistance that might be required.

Please feel free to contact Pieter for assistance on your building project.

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